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Country Meats

If you're a fan of SlimJIms, then you're really in for a treat, because you ain't seen nothin' yet. Once you sample these snacks, you'll not only want to use them for your fundraiser, you'll want to keep a steady supply for yourself.

Country Meats' smoked meat sticks are very popular and are made fresh daily.

Original Smoked HIckory

Enjoy world class taste in this mild, rich and hickory flavored smoked to perfection snack stick.
Sweet BBQ

Our all time best selling flavor. Smoked and cooked to perfection making it lip smacking good. A sweet, tangy, & smokey favorite.
Sweet Annie Brown

Another favorite, made with real honey and brown sugar. Savor the flavor with this delectable snack. Arguably the best snack stick in the world!
Country Delight

Smoked for 18 hours this classic flavor includes real sharp cheddar cheese with a smoked ham taste that you can never get enough of.
Hot Cajun
To truly be called Cajun you need three different peppers. White, black and red blended and seasoned to send your taste buds deep into the bayou.
We start with our award winning BBQ stick. Then we kick it up with hot red pepper to make a taste that starts out sweet and ends with heat!
Bold Teriyaki
A sweet Asian teriyaki fusion with a hint of smokey citrus. Mouth watering!
Sweet Maple Bacon
With an aroma like maple syrup and bacon. Real bacon and maple is the secret, it takes only one bite to fall in love.
Picture a steak marinated in a sweet bourbon peppercorn sauce. After 9 tries at this formula, it seemed only right to name her Old #9.
In the world of Pepperoni you are either good or bad. Be prepared, ours is very good. In fact, we'd say it tastes incredible!
Bacon Swiss

A balanced sweet, salty, and rich cheesy flavor makes for a smooth enjoyable eating experience.
Ghost Fire

Habenero with an extra kick from Bhut Jolokia pepper, aka the "Ghost Pepper" - one of the hottest on the planet.
Chili Lime
New Chili Lime flavor!! An amazing experience with a mild smoked jalapeno tone that is topped off with a nice citrus lime flavor. A perfect combination of flavors for a one of a kind smoked snack stick.

Tex Mex
Like a southwestern party in your mouth. Add a flour tortilla and you would swear you are eating a fajita! Flavored with red and green bell pepper, onion, garlic, and jalapenos.


Direct Sales

Country Meats fundraising info:

$1.00 Retail

45% profit

24 per bag (one flavor)

6 bags per case

Each bag can be a different flavor

14 flavors 

144 sticks per case

$89.00 cost per case includes freight 

$65.00 profit per case

10 free sticks per case 

154 sticks per case

One case minimum 

4 day shipping 

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